Clef Technology is an all-new technology designed to prevent and solve pipe leakage. With Clef Technology, you can detect early signs of pipe leakage effortlessly, easily and quickly without the need for constant inspection.

Clef Technology has created an innovative solution to combat pipeline leakage.Pipeline leakage is a serious issue, and with ageing pipelines, leaks are often an unavoidable reality for pipeline operators, requiring manual intervention, which can be costly and time consuming.

Clef system has a specially designed algorithms coupled by acoustics processing techniques to ensure a high degree of accuracy plus low rates on false alarm. Each device operates independently to monitor 100% of the pipeline with no mute or dead zones and processed data displayed on screen in real time.

Early Detection

  • Minimum time required to detect pipe leakage
  • Detect leakage before it turns into a disaster


  • Easier Installation
  • Avoid Contamination
  • No need to pry open pipes

Isolate Leak Area

  • No guessing of leakage area
  • Detect leakage quicker, with 98% accuracy


Simple, Reliable and Flexible Pipeline Leakage Detection System.

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