Clef Technology | FAQs
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Does Clef Technology Device work for every pipelines?

Our device uses acoustic detection and works for liquid and gas pipelines.

How can Clef Technology help me reduce cost?

Pipe leakage is an unavoidable situation, requiring plumbers / pipeline operators to manually pry open the pipe to solve the leakage. With our device, you can prevent leakage before it happens reducing manpower cost and other expenses you might incur when your pipe leaks.

Will installing one device will do?

No. Each Clef Technology Device operates independently to monitor 100% of pipeline.

Will there be mute or dead zones / leakage undetected?

Currently our device displays real-time pipe activities with 98% accuracy.

I’d like to purchase this. How do I do so?

Please email us at for more details!

How long has Clef Technology been in the industry?

Although Clef Technology is new, our team of engineers are experienced in pipe leakage, technology engineering – having worked on a lot of other engineering projects. Learn more about us here.

I’m an investor. How can I invest?

Please email for investment opportunities and to learn more about our company.