Clef Technology | Medtech takes centre stage at AIRmaker’s new batch of 8 IoT startups
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Medtech takes centre stage at AIRmaker’s new batch of 8 IoT startups

The team at AIRmaker, a Singapore-based IoT-focussed accelerator, has a knack for picking out innovative IoT startups tackling pressing problems. But what is less known is their ability to weave togethan intricate tapestry of storylines.

Lee Kwai Seng, Managing Director at AIRmaker, opened the pitching session with an introductory speech. But as his presentation wore on, he stood up, looking visibly strained — he began to stutter, nervously shifting his gaze to the floor. Then, as he was about to close his speech, Lee let out a cry of agony and exited stage left.

The audience would have been left dumbfounded — if it wasn’t for the animation that popped up on the projector screen right after. It turns out Lee was just feigning a discomfort to introduce the first startup, SitRight, which aims to help correct people’s sitting posture through its smart seat cover.

And that was how it was for every startup pitch: An animation introduced the problems the startups were tackling through the viewpoint of Lee’s cartoon depiction (Real life Lee’s self-admitted poor acting skills were, thankfully, never put on display again).

The series of animations told the story of Lee going to the hospital for his medical appointment, encountering several difficult and bizarre situations (such as pipe leakages) along the way.

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