Clef Technology | 3 startups that won big in the ANCHORUP x AIRmaker pitching competition in Taiwan
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3 startups that won big in the ANCHORUP x AIRmaker pitching competition in Taiwan

Taiwan-based startup incubator IEIH STUST announced last Wednesday the three startups that won its pitching competition, which was co-organized with AIRmaker in Tainan, Taiwan.

The event was hosted as part of the ANCHORUP Forum, where startups and investors (CVCs, VCs, Accelerators) were invited from all over Southeast Asia to attend the discussions and workshops to connect, share resources, and build up a startup platform across the region.

The three winners will receive cash prizes, with the champion getting the chance to be a part of AIRmaker’s accelerator programme.

The three startups are:

1. Clef Technology | IoT

Founded by Jason Ng, Clef Technology is an IoT startup based in Taiwan that provides an acoustic leakage detection system with non-invasive installation for liquids or gases pipeline.

Pipeline leakage is a serious issue. nd with aging pipelines, leaks are often an unavoidable difficulty for pipeline operators that require manual intervention, which can be costly and time-consuming. To solve this problem, Clef Technology system has specially designed algorithms coupled by acoustics processing techniques to ensure a high degree of accuracy plus low rates on false alarm.

Jason, founder and CEO of Clef Technology, is originally from Malaysia. When asked about why choosing Taiwan to start up his own business instead of going back to Malaysia, he replied, “I am a tech guy and want to build a tech company. The technology of Taiwan is BEST in the world. I can get lots of tech resources in Taiwan easily compared with Malaysia. The most important thing is, I LOVE Taiwan very much.”

Clef Technology is currently looking for fundraising to further improve their product and bring it to the pipeline inspection market.

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